Artist Statement
My work focuses on translation and mediation. Within these topics lie the subjects of language, mediation as translation (and vice-versa), misinterpretations, and consideration of the medium itself. There is potential in mistranslation: similarly in the process of mediation some information is lost but other information is created. New perceptions emerge. Varying the contexts of the same concept results in the conveying of different meanings to the original one: alternative levels of communication are constructed. Works regularly consist in superimposing and juxtaposing layers; conflicting image with sound with text.

At times the objective is even to reach a limbo whereby different information delivered is mutually invalidating and so some things end up being no thing. Where there used to be a message or a meaning as separate units of information, conjugated in a specific way, there is none.

The end results can take the form of video, image, text, and/or object. They can incorporate each other or exist within other media such as the Internet, and consequently become openly self-referential. What is explored and questioned is the potentiality of originating new understandings when interpreting and/or misinterpreting language and medium.